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Tribes of the Lossoth

Lossoth (S: lit. "Snow-host") was the name given to the indigenous tribes of Snowmen of the Ice Bay of Forochel by the Dúnedain; they referred to themselves as the Ystävät Talven (La. "Friends of Winter").

The Lossoth were descendants of the Forodwaith and there were speculations that they may have been offspring of the House of Bór and possibly kinsmen to the original inhabitants of Angmar and maybe the Hillmen of Rhudaur.

The Lossoth were three tribes or tribal groups: the Lumimiehet or Lumi-väki, the proper Lossoth who camped on the southern shores of the Ice Bay; the Merimetsastajat or Meri-väki, ice-hunters and fishermen who lived off the frozen sea; and the Jaamiehet or Jä-väki, herdsmen and nomads of the tundra. All three of them were descendants of Mornârim who had fled from the Far North in the First Age and possibly the last descendants of the Bórians.

These Lossoth were mostly hunters, fishermen, and herders of Losrandir, and a few tribes had even managed to tame the huge Norsu. They lived in houses built in the snow (called "Pyorea Talo" by the Snowmen) and in close coalition with their rekikoirat sled-dogs, who were descendants of white wolves or Susi. The Lossoth were ruled by Chieftains, who might have been the greatest hunter or the eldest of the tribe; skilled enchanters and conjurers were known as Lemeynen (La."Spirit-Namers") or Henkinimittäji; while wise or healers were known as Viisas. The Lossoth revered various spirits, Norsu, and whales, and the great northern bears. Their chief deity was Ôs (Eru) or Ympyra.

Known Clans

Heimo Hemoel Rugnor-yar

Lossoth of renown

Betimrin Bruka Culnum Dôgrib Er-Annath Frannard Grimk Gromk Hyrd Jari Jûoma Kaksi Veistä Karvainen Lufsen Pitää Kalasta Trimani Vôteli Waethryth