A Lindi couple

The Snow-Elves were a far northern group of Nandor who had wandered into the Forodwaith in the Second Age after inner disputes among the Danians and returning Sindar led by Oropher. Legend told that the Vala Ulmo, Lord of the Deep, visited the Snow-elves beside the frozen shores of the Encircling Sea, and beckoned them to set foot upon the Landless Land, the polar desert at the summit of the world, there to take up the guardianship of Helecthil, the mysterious source of radiance that illuminated the northern sky by night. Some, however, continued to sojourn upon the great Ice-cape of Forochel, where it was said they held converse with other Elves and Men from time to time.The Name Snow-Elves was given to them by men, while the Sindar referred to them as Lossidil, themselves however preferred to identify as the Lindi (N."Singers"), as they still saw themselves as real Teleri or Lindar Elves.


The Snow-Elves were typical Nandor, smaller and more gracile than the Noldor lavender skinned and for the most part dark haired and bright eyed although sandy blonde hair and silver or white hair were quite common among them too.


The Snow-Elves spoke a dialect of Nandorin known as Lossidilrin.

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