Lossarnach and Imloth Mellui

Lossarnach (S."Flowery Arnach") was the Númenórean name for the high vales of the White Mountains that fed the River Eruí, forming the boundary between northeastern Lebennin (Arnach) and southwestern Anórien. Although formally subject to the Hando of Arnach in Minas Arthor, the Orodbedhrim who inhabited this region conducted their lives in relative freedom from the governmental intrusions of the Dúnedain. Beginning with the Great Plague, Lossarnach came to be more and more populous, as the folk of Anórien sought security from war and disease in the highland vales.This recurrent pattern of withdrawal into the vales gradually led to a change in the character of Lossarnach's inhabitants. The Orodhbedhrim became assimilated, and the lowland Danan Lin mixed with the Dúnedain of Anórien and elsewhere; but even by the tine of the War of the Ring, the region still retained its own distinctive culture and ethnic character. Lossarnach contained many fertile valleys between the White Mountains and the Anduin. A few Daen Coentis relics in the region suggested that this area had once been a home to that ancient people long before the arrival of the Númenoreans.


Brethil Celos Erui Vale Erui Delta Imloth Melui Nan Harlond Vale of Nightblades

Places of Note

Aegollant Celos Wells Ironmines Dindal's Watch Forlong's Hall Galdir's Dell Halach Hall of the Gentle Hand Hall of Lady Vanyalos Harlond Luntil's Ferry Minas Arnach Lossarnach Coppermines Lothein Minas Arthor Minas Brethil Ost Norhír Thergor's Hideout


Ainur: Lone Lady

Men: Annaben Baranor of Lossarnach Brunil Dagor Dindal Egind Filegnas Forlong the Fat Gorhir Hathalon Imladir Indir Ioreth of Imloth Mellui Luntil Merenir Rothel Sardir Vanyalos

Orcs: Tenakrul Thergor the Starseer


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