The Lords of Essence or K’ta’vîr were a culture of Maiar who once served the Valar Irmo and Aulë, but who upon descending into the World took an interest in the lands of future Harad and Rhun and began great works. Before the arrival of the Elves, Dwarves, Men, Orcs and Halflings, their culture existed. They were believed by the Easterlings to have once shaped the Planet or the world and created the intelligent Races.

Known Lords of Essence

Andraax Daenkú Danklu Eogun Kadaena Lorgalis Master of Malice Mhari Ridaen Ondoval Oyan Utha V'glin V'rama Vair


Original form in Loremaster:k'ta'viir

In the Rolemaster Universe the Lords of Essence are a subgroup of the Althan, a race of space-traveling Aliens of great power who had once ruled the Universe by their higher technological knowledge but had vanished because of inner strife.They were the ruling caste of the Althans, the original Inhabitants of Kulthea.They have created the intelligent Races of the Shadow World in their experiments and their abandoned ruined complexes still can be found on various places around the world.The true relationship between the Althans and the godlike Lords of Orhan and Lords of Charon and the Unlife remain mysterious, but it is suggested that the Gods of Orhan predate the Althans and are more powerful and the Gods of Orhan and Charon are possibly related


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