The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (LOTRAG) was a simple role-playing game released by Iron Crown Enterprises in 1991. The Game was designed for a game-master and multiple players but was also suitable for solo-adventure play since the adventures were written in the style of gamebooks. The rules were designed to be played with a mini-campaign of six sequential adventure scenarios of which the first was included with the boxed rules. In all a complete set of six Adventure modules were planned, of which the final two were never published. LOTRAG is not to be confused with the later The Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game.

Adventure Modules

  • Dawn Comes Early (released with the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game Boxed set)
  • Darker than the Darkness (contains 2nd and 3rd LOR scenarios)
  • Over the Misty Mountains Cold (contains 4th LOR scenario)
  • Before the Goblins (unreleased)
  • Greatest of the Forests (unreleased)
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