Lords of Dale

The Lords of Dale were the Chieftains and political Leaders of the early Dalemen. They were not considered Kings (Del. "Konung") as the only rhovanian chief who was powerful enough to claim the title King of Wilderland had been Vidugavia (about T.A, 1250 - T.A. 1304) whose lordship had provided a protectorate for the early Northron Lords living in the Celduin and Carnen vales and the environs of the lonely Mountain.Although in later days the lesser seccessors of Vidugavias still sometimes claimed the Title of Kings, after the years of T.A. 1999, Dale really became an independent Lordship, subordinate to no rulers but the King under the Mountain.

Known Lords of Dale:

After the rise of Bard Bowman,son of Harbard a descendant of Girion's last son, Brandiarn, the Lords of Dale took the title King to constitute equal status with the Kings under the Mountain.In these times the Realm of the Bardings encomprised wide lands between the rivers Celduin and Carnen, a far greater area than the former Lords of dale had ever controlled.

Kings of Dale:

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