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Lord is an appelation or title for a Noble or a person of authority.

Titles often translated as "Lord":

  • Árâtô - pQ. A Lord of the Avari
  • Arod - S. A Nobleman
  • Arûn - Ad. "Lord", name of Morgoth
  • Bâr - Adûnaic title, a Colonial-Lord or Imperial Governor
  • Brannon - Sindarin title, a "High Lord" or member of the royal court and Council
  • Condo, Cundo - Q. a Guardian or Lord-Protector
  • Garon - Goldogrin title, a Great Lord or Petty King, equivalent to Quenya "Haran"
  • Gorod - Noldorin title, a great chief or Lordly master
  • Gundu - Edainic Title, a vassal-Lord in service of an elven King
  • Gwir - Sindarin, "master or Possessor", a freeman or Baron
  • Haran - Quenya title, a great Chieftain or Petty-king
  • Hér, Heru - Quenya title, a lordly Master
  • Hermon - Goldogrin, a Lord or person of influence
  • Hîr -Sindarin, a lordly naster, equivalent to Quenya Hér, Heru
  • Indor - the master or Lord of house or Family
  • Khêro - old Noldorin title, "Master"
  • Kherû - Adûnaic title, Lord-Master
  • Khôr - Adûnaic title, Ruler or Lord
  • Kundô - Avarin, a lord, prince or leader
  • Kun, Kundu - Avarin , a lord, prince or leader
  • Malc - Goldogrin, Lord of a province or principality, equivalent to quenya Malko
  • Malko - Quenya,Lord of a province or principality
  • Mandu - Quenya, Lord
  • Thuron - Westron, a Lord
  • Túrin - Quenya, a master or ruler of things
  • Uzbad - Khuzdul, a Lord or ruler