Long Fell Location

Location of Long Fell in Rhudaur

Long Fell (S. "Pen Taen"; Hi. "Monad Fota") was a sheer grey escarpment ("Fell") which overlooked the River Bruinen about forty miles northeast of Rivendell along the southeastern edge of the southern Coldfells of Rhudaur. It was an imposing height. What appeared to be a three hundred foot cliff, however, was actually even larger, for the Fell rose five hundred feet from its true base by Low Lake. The lower two hundred foot section of the wall reached into the cavern that lay along its southwestern side and was obscured by the surrounding terrain. Only a shrub-shrouded, six-foot wide opening along the cliff's edge provided a link between the upper and lower portions of the Fell. This crevasse served as the principal entry into Low Lake Cavern. The sound of loon-calls echoed through the crack each evening, betraying the presence of still, fresh water below. These birds could be heard a mile away. A trail ran along the base of the Long Fell and crossed southward over the River Bruinen at a nearby ford. Just before this trail cut south and away from the flank of the Fell, the Fell Stair appeared, like a diagonal scar knifing across the cliff face. Most wanderers saw the staircase as nothing more than a great crack in the grey granite and gave it little notice. It was here, however, that those in search of the Low Lake would leave the road and head toward the spot where the staircase appeared to meet the base of the escarpment.


  • MERP: Loons of the Long Fell
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