From the Redwater in the west, to the wide plains in the east, and from the barren wastes in the north to the Inland Sea in the south, the nomadic Logath tribes reign supreme.The Area is therefore known as the Logathavuld.

Throughout this region, young Logath males follow the tribal herds through their annual grazing patterns; spending the warm months roaming the rocky hillsides, then descending tothe shelter of lowland valleys when the fierce winter winds arrive. Only a few times a year do their wanderings bring them home, to sheltered wain-camp sites where the tribal matriarchs rule. This traditional social organization has been practiced by the northern nomads since they settled theselands in the mid-Second Age. It's a rare tribal elder that can recall the old stories that demonstrate that times have not always been this peaceful. The wide lands of Logathavuld are divided into a multitude of different tribal ranges, and only someone familiar with a particular region of Logathavuld will be able to point out the subtle tribal markers to the untrained eye of the occasional traveler. Among the most influential of the tribes are the Narkad, Barak, Utal, Gord,and the most powerful Ibar. Individual clans have their own traditional campsites within the tribal range, most of which are seasonally occupied. Each year, clan matriarchs evaluate the state of their herds and select a surplus group that will bedriven to the market at Sadvar, on the Ulumur. With the wealth gained through the sale of their cattle, the tribespurchase all those items that the market can provide, but the tribes themselves cannot produce.


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