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Logath Easterlings

Logath banner

The Logath (Ul."Horse-People") were one of the most numerous of the easterling cultures.Their ranges extended from the wilds of the northern Empty Plains to the Carnen River Basin.

the Logath in 1650

Like most other Easterling cultures, they were nomadic pastoralists whose lives centered around the migration of their herds. Their material wealth was measured in head of cattle and acres of grazing land. Most of the sustenance of the Logath tribes came from the products of the herd: leather, horn, meat, and dairy. They were a matriarchal society, and most of their cultural traditions revolved around the woman as the center of family and culture. Most males traveled across the tribe's ranges with the herd, returning every winter to the tribe's semi-permanent settlement to be reunited with their wives and children.Several times a year, the entire tribe was packed into great wains and moved to another base camp. Though travel by wain was a trait associated universally with Easterling nomads,it was actually the Logath who had invented the tradition. The trade had spread from the Logath ranges into other areas of Rhun, and was later commonplace in all corners of the region.

Logath culture was centered around two sites which competed for influence among the tribes. In the west, along the banks of the Ulumur River was the town of Sadvar, the seat of the Ibar matriarch. The Ibar clan had reigned as the ruling clan of the Logath for the mid-Third Age, and remained a powerful influence in the post-Plague era. In the east, the priestesses of Gazu Darshan-Zar sought to undermine the authority of the Ibar matriarch and unite the Logath under their religious rule. The priestesses had been beguiled by Oraishapek the Disposessed, who duped them into believing him to be a god.The swaying of the Logath to the side of Oraishapek threatened to upset the balance of power in northern Rhûn.

known Clans

Barak Gord Ibar Narkad Utal

later History

The Logath allied themselves -or were subjugated- by the Kings of Mistrand and became part of the Igath or Wainrider-confederacy.The matriarchial traditions of the Logath diminished but spawned the tradition of trained Warrior-Women or young Amazons among the Wainriders.


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