Ilfrin Littleheart, also known as Ilverin, was an Elf of Tol Eressëa. He was the son of Voronwë Aranwion. Ilfrin had been born in Gondolin and in his childhood was a playfellow with young Eärendil. When the city fell, Ilfrin was saved by his grandfather Aranwë who found the refugees led by Hendor and Laiqalassë who took both into their company and led the surviving Gondolindrim to Arvernien. After the drowning of Beleriand Ilfrin was among those survivors who had found refuge on the Isle of Balar. When the Host of Valinor returned to Aman most of the Balarian survivors accompanied them back into the west. In the immortal lands Ilfrin, who had loved the sea and the Isle, stayed with his friends, many of whom had been Noldorin Exiles and lived at Tol Eressëa, where he resided at Kortirion and eventually rose to the position of the Warden of the Gong at the Cottage of Lost Play. He was described as an aged Noldo, slender and gracile, with a weathered face and bright and joyful blue eyes.


  • Elwenildo
  • Elfrith
  • Elfriniel
  • Elfriniol
  • Ilfiniol
  • Ilfrin
  • Ilfrith
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