Bluereed was—as its name implied— a tall, thin reed with a slight blue tinge. It was well known among the Rohirrim, who used it to sustain their scouts and messengers. Location: Banks of the Entwash.

Valued by messengers, scouts, and others who had to toil for hours at a time without rest, bluereed banished sleepiness and allowed those who took it to go a day without sleep. While this herb had no effect on a patient who was already exhausted, if taken as a preventive measure it staved off the need for sleep. For 24 hours after consuming a properly prepared dose of this herb, a character does not need sleep and suffers no penalties for going without it. After 24 hours have passed, though, fatigue’s toll returned and tested to resist weariness from lack of sleep were made as normal counting the full numbers of hours awake. Bluereed had no noticeable effect on Elves.

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