Linweg was a Silvan Elf of Gondor, living in the city of Edhellond. Gifted with visions and foresights, Linweg served as one of the greatest seers in the city and would often visit every settlement and region within the kingdom of Gondor since he and many of his kin were good friends and neighbors to the Gondorian Men. During the Watchful Peace, Linweg and many of his kin had returned to Middle-Earth and resettled back in Edhellond and helped aid the Men of Gondor. He feared that abandoning his close friends and allies would not stop the shadow from spreading that he forsaw in his visions and every race had to stand and unite to weaken the shadow in the east before it took shape.

Following the end of the Watchful Peace, Linweg became the Lord of Edhellond and the population slowly dwindled and rose while many had been aiding the Men of Gondor against enemies that marched or sailed north to invade the kingdom. While the threat was being contained, Linweg would also venture to Eriador and visit Rivendell to speak of his visions to Lord Elrond. He also revealed to him that in time, a young halfling would be brought into Rivendell with something that was to be destroyed. He spent centuries waiting for the time to come and his vision came to pass. He never attended the Council of Elrond, but would bid the The Fellowship of the Ring a farewell and held hope that the Ruling Ring of Power would be destroyed.


Original form:Linwen

Corrected from a female name to male.

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