Linuilë , Gwindeth or the Blue Lady was said

to have been the spirit of a young woman, drowned in lake Nenuial , who could be seen from time to time sitting by the water, swimming in it, or walking upon it, a lonely and distracted expression upon her face. Accounts and stories of Linuilë varied from village to village along the shore; in general, though, she was notable for her beauty, her unusually light and scanty clothing, the coolness of her touch, and her somber, quiet manner. The name, at least, of this haunt had been preserved correctly in legend. She was a living being, ancient and powerful; Linuilë was the Maia of Nenuial, and had dwelt in the lake since before the dawn of time.

Her home was in a shoal off the Point of Tolhiril, on the eastern shore of the lake. Fishermen avoided the shoal because lines and nets tended to get damaged in it rather easily. The rock itself came within 20' feet of the surface; the two entrances to the Maia's cave were 30' farther down. The cave, kept magically free of water, was appointed in an Elvish style, but decorated with a bizarre and somewhat whimsical collection of non-perishable Arthadan and Elvish artifacts and curios. Linuile considered anything that fell into the lake or near it her property—should she take an interest in it. Objects lost centuries ago had returned as wedding presents at the lakeside festivals Linuilë visited incognito when in a gregarious mood. Linuilë had little interest, save for these occasional whims, in the affairs of the Arthedain. She was aware of the other "haunts" in the lake and remained indifferent to them. She killed the weed-krakens when she encountered them; she had three times fought and injured Twilight Dragon. The Dragon had learned to avoid her, and Linuilë had almost forgotten the she-drake still dwelled in Nenuial.


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