Lintador Wanderers

After the disastrous Battle of Palisor the early Hildor split up into two factions, the Lintanoi (Av."Swift-folk" Q."Lintiënórë") and the Asrabi (Av."Lawless Folk").The Lintanoi were those repenting their fall for the Dark Lord or fleeing from the east while the Asrabi were those who remained under the influence of the Shadow and spread over the East.The Lintador were the ancestors of the Edain but also the early men of Eriador, Rhovanion, Gondor, Near-Harad and Rhûn.



Original form in MERP:Lintador = Lintanoi =Lintiënórë

The Lintadorin languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in western Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Hittite vocabulary.

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