"I'd rather be dead than be an animal ... I've never begged for my life once ... and I don't plan on starting today."

- Lindir the Benevolent

Born Aegnor Melpomaen, but known to most simply by his epessë Lindir (S."Singer"), this elven Minstrel was the Master of the Hall of Fire in Rivendell, acting as Elrond's Condir (S."majordomus").


Lindir is an Elven polymath of great renown and has also been called the "Master Musician" by many.  He is widely recognized as one of the most influential thinkers of middle earth during the fourth age.  Lindir’s name derives from the Sindarin term lind which means (“Chant, Sing”).

He is a painter, sculptor, architect, physicist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, astronomer, cartographer, botanist, historian, writer, and minstrelogist (One who studies The Music of the Ainur).  While specializing in studying the fundamental principles of the universe, Lindir has journeyed all throughout Middle Earth and been involved in countless battles using his Minstrel abilities to go far beyond mere sound, tapping into the great power of the Music of the Ainur

In the fourth age, Lindir the Swift journeyed to the Undying Lands where he accomplished his life’s work on the Laws of Genesis and the Theory of Exodus.

The Musicians Way

Lindir has invented his own unique fighting style to incorporate stealth, CQC, sword play, Minstrel power, and archery into a fluid martial discipline known as: The Musicians Way.

Lindir’s brief movie appearance

Lindir was a listener at one of Bilbo’s poetry readings at Rivendell.  After Bilbo finished reciting the Song of Earendil, Lindir said he could not tell which parts Aragorn wrote and what parts were written by Bilbo, because all mortals seem alike to Elves.  Lindir also welcomes Gandalf to Rivendell.

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