River Lune

Lhûn (S. "Blue", W. "Lune", Q. "Lûnê", Os. "Luin") was a wide and cold river in Arthedain , sweeping 625 miles from its source in the glaciers of the far north of the Ered Luin to drain into the Bay of Lune ,draining and paralleling the

chain of the Blue Mountains.Prior to the defeat of Morgoth the river ran southeast from the present fens of Gobel Calarnen and met the Baranduin. Nearly all of the river was too wide to cross without boats.Only the mouth and lowest part of the Lhûn were inhabited or overseen by the Elves.Groups of Eriadorians, Rivermen and Arthedain lived along the river and used it as the foundation for their nomadic culture. Later, the Rangers of the North made The upper Lhûn their dominion. The Lhûn had neither ford nor bridge, and due to its strong and cold current, one would have been wise to cross only in a sturdy boat.


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