The Lesinávi (Ap. "Corpses"; sing. "Lesina") haunted the dry tracts of land that surrounded Rây in western Far Harad. These wilds had served as unmarked graves to thousands over the centuries. Gruesome beings, Lesinavi retained the bodies they held in life. Desiccated and hardened by the desert sun, they lurked in the caves of dry hills or among the dunes of the desert. In some cases, where groups had died together, a number of these ghoul-like monsters prowled the wastes together.

Lesinavi wee unreasoning and mute, but their condition had instilled in them an abiding hatred for all living men. Their dried eyes saw the life-energy of their victims as painful light against a barely perceived landscape. Knowing neither pain nor fear, reason nor strategy, they stroke with their teeth and claws — felling a victim and tearing him apart. Lesinavi did not suffer from stun or bleeding criticals, but they could be damaged by weapons. They were completely immune to all spells that attacked the mind or spirit, however they were otherwise vulnerable to spells.

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