One of two Demons with full membership status in the villainous Court of Ardor in southern Middle-earth (Murfuzûn was the other), Lesh-Y was not a very ferocious sort of demon unless fully aroused in anger. Perhaps originally a disciple of Aulë the Smith, craftsman of the Valar, Lesh-Y's passion was the making of magic items, which he did with a skill never seen since the demise of Fëanor, who made the Silmarils. Seven feet tall, with an oily skin like red leather, totally bald, and with pointed ears and long clawlike nails, Lesh-Y was no beauty, but when in his work- shop, bent over some wondrous item on which he was working, he had a certain dignity and pride. It is unknown what eventually became of him.

Other Names

  • Airatano


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