The term Lemberin (or Ilkorin) was sometimes used to refer to the languages of the Umanyar, the Sindar, and Nandor. It was also called Umanyarin Telerin, since it was the Umanyarin strain of the Telerin language family.



  • Originally Ilkorin was a separate, rather undeveloped sideline among J.R.R. Tolkien's elven languages, it was neither early Quenya nor Goldogrin/Pre-Sindarin, though more closely related to the latter. It later eventually evolved into Tolkien's Nandorin and Avarin languages, all of which were never much elaborated. Some authors however have argued that the original Ilkorin/Lemberin survived and just was re-devised as the Sindarin dialect known as Mithrimin or north-Sindarin.
  • The Sindarin names Thranduil, Legolas, Amroth, and Nimrodel are sometimes guessed to be rooted in Lemberin but were later redevised as Nandorin or Nandorin-influenced Sindarin. Also Celeborn's native tongue was originally considered Lemberin, but was later re-devised as Telerin.
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