The Nightrod (S. "Lebedmor", Q. "Morilepsë") or Ebony Fingers was a small mushroom, growing to about the height and girth of a man's index finger, easily distinguished by its black color and shiny surface. It grew like a toadstool, but its cap was elongated and pointed like a cone. It was easily found and grew on or near organic matter within caves and in clumps numbering up to a dozen. If consumed, a nightrod cap had a refreshing effect and sped up healing process of concussion wounds. Kept fresh (e.g., in a sealed jar), its potency remained for several months; once dry, it was worthless. Dried and smoked, nightrod was a tasty addition to any salad, Dwarves made a secret soup from this fungus rarely served to outsiders and reputed to be beyond descrip­tion in taste.

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