A rare enchanted deciduous tree, distantly related to telperion, originally native to mild, temperate ocean shores,later cultivated, Laurelin usually grew taller than 50' with a single straight trunk. It had 4" arrowhead-shaped leaves, emerald green above and golden below; 0.5" golden flowers which resembled those of the cherry, and small golden nuts. When young and undamaged, the edible leaves were Lifegiving for Elves.

The cultivated Laurelinna were however not direct offshots of Laurelin, the first of the Two Trees, hence Laurelin was destroyed by Ungolianth and only one of it's fruits was saved and used to light the Sunship of Arien.However an effigy of Laurelin was created by Turgon out of living gold, this effigy was sometimes errantly believed to be an offshot of the real Laurelin.Also the Mallorn-Trees were said to remind of the ancient glance of Laurelin.


  • Galadlóriel
  • Glewellin
  • Glingal
  • Glorlin
  • Kulullin
  • Melthinorn
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