Laurre Menelrana

Descended from the line of Finrod Felagund, Laurë Menelrána (Q.."Golden Skywanderer";Av. "Lurri Minnil-Rin") inherited

leadership of the Guild of Elements from his father, who founded it early in the Years of the Sun. Cirissë Menelrána created the Guild to thwart any minions of darkness which might spring up in the south. He forged many artifacts—strange and powerful items fashioned with skills long lost to Middle-earth. Laurë stepped into his sire's shoes when Cirissë departed for the Undying lands in S.A. 500, and supervised the Guild until it completed its purpose. The Noldo prince posessed a certain naivete which on more than one occasion nearly cost him his life. He was never able to clearly predict the actions of the Court—an organization of evil. Only with the help of Fëatúro was he able to act effectively. Laurë was short in stature (6'4"), but lacked nothing in skill and strength as a warrior. His gold hair and blue eyes harkened more to the Vanyar than the Noldor.


Original form in MERP:Laurrë Menelrana

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