A Langurian hunter

The Langur were a Tyran-speaking tribe, native from the land of the Langurian Kyn.

In physical appearance they were smaller than their Desdursy cousins. Many of the Langur were of mixed Rycoli descend on the Rycolis plateau, so it was not unusual to see some with braided hair and tufts of dyed hair, however, among Langur more light hair were more common, hinting to kinship with the Tyran-speaking peoples rather than the mostly darker peoples of Aharian-speech.


By living in such a remote land, full of rocky hills, most of the Langur became nomadic hunters, taking advantage of the geography of the place to stalk and hide, but they had little talent breeding horses and usually moved by foot. Falconry was another of their strengths. However, a small group settled in the fertile river valleys of the Talathrant and became farmers and fishermen.

The Langur had a deep respect for death, they even worshiped it. A Langur funeral could last up to a week, and there were music and dancing as if it was a wedding ceremony. They did not believe in death as something negative, but as a release and cleaning of spirit before the rebirth.


The geography of the Langurian Kyn was so rugged that it did not allow a comfortable terrain for the marching of the armies and was rather avoided by the different conqueror realms, so the Langur rarely have had to call to arms to defend themselves. A handful of Langur archers well disposed would have easily wiped out an entire battalion of enemy militia.

Later Times:

In later times, the Langur joined the ranks of the Rahiwenna rebels who opposed the regime of the Lôke-Egleria and caused turmoil and looting in the trade caravans between the Great Khurdriagate and the corrupt Oasis-Kings of the Dark East. In the end they were defeated and became extinct or enslaved.

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