Laneig (Du."Land-grief") was the fifth King of Saerlann’s capital, the port of Sunthra Unsar. The barren lands of Saerlann attracted few inhabitants while the Dúnadan Kingdom lasted. The prince was mainly concerned with his tolls on traffic on the river, and allowed a few Dunman tribes to settle in his territory for rarely fulfilled promises of tribute. The population swelled by refugees from the north and east, and the emergent culture had little use for their princely landlord, rebelling and falling under the sway of Laneig’s great-greatgrandfather and the newly proclaimed kingdom. The clans and tribes were unruly, making the Kingdom a rowdy realm. If all the clans and tribes would have acknowledge Laneig, then the King of Saerlann would have been be, by far, the most powerful lord in Cardolan, but impostors and other competitiors such as the Cyneig severely weakened his position. Laneigh was no fool, for he was exactly the kind of ruler that his people desired – one who would wrestle in the mud with you and buy you a keg of ale should you win. When sober, Laneig was an astute politician, but when drunk, he was boisterous, and had a fast and hot temper.


Original form in MERP: Lanaigh = Laneig.

Lanaigh may also be derived from old irish ág', "Battle, Contest" and possibly Lan, lan, "Blade, Sword" or "Scale".Possible Middle Welsh renderings could be Llainaer (But perhaps Llaneig, "Land-grief" would look more close to the original form). The Name Cennaigh seems to be derived from old irish Cennaigh (from old irish cenn, "Head" and ág', "Battle, Contest"?), possibly an old term for a Mercenary or hireling. A possible middle welsh rendering could be Penaer or Pennaer (but again, a form "Cyneig" , "Chief Grief" would look closer to the original).


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