The Dark Lord's realm had always been a nightmarish beaurocracy. The bulk of administrative work was done by the Lamoshgongi, the Goblin-scribes, an orcish class of scholars and civil-servants who were surprisingly sophisticated and effective. Every denizen of the Dark Lord's dominion had his own number and personal record, and it was largely the Goblin-scribes who mastered the amount of necessary paperwork. Though they were mostly of lesser-orc or snaga kind and sorted out as fighters, they were yet respected or at last tolerated even by the Uruks, for they were literate, educated and feared for their habits of nitpickyness and abuse of administrative authority. A slight manipulation or misspelling somewhere in a record, written order or letter of command and an officer might find himself, instead ahead of a promotion, on his way to the slave pits, torture chambers, the arenas, a cooking pot or worse.

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