Labba (S."Lossothren", L."Lumikieli") is an archaic mannish tongue spoken by the Lossoth and Forodwaith.It bears some resemblence to archaic Quenya and seems to be related to several Easterling Languages, especially Folyavulthic, which is a descendant of Ulgathig.Labba is believed to descend from the Mornârin tongues of the Second Age, the Lossoth are sometimes believed to be descendants of Easterlings from the Folk of Bór and Uldor who escaped the drowning of Beleriand, other Scholars however believe them to be related to either the Daen-People or the Northrons and the Hadorians or to be relatives of the Urdor-People of the Northern Peninsula of Middle-Earth.


etelän vieras - visitor or stranger from south
Hammastus-pesä - teething nest
heimo - Clan
henkinimittäjä - Spirit-Namer
Hiisi - Goblin, Orc
Hylje - Seal
Hylje-leiri - seal-camp
Itä-Mâ - East land
Jä-Kuru - ice gorge
Jä-reitti - ice way
Jäämiehet - Icemen
Jänis - Snow-Hare
Jänis-leiri - Snow-Hare-camp
Karhu - Bear
Karhu-leiri - bear-camp
Kauppa-Kohta - trading or market spot
Kilpa-kita -
Kissa-sari - Cat island
kivi-väki - stone-people (dwarves)
Korkea-järvi - high lake
Kuru-leiri - ravine camp
Länsi-Mâ - West land
Laulu-vihaja - song hater
Leijona-kotin - lion home
Leveäjalat - ancestors of the Forodwaith
Lumi-väki - snow-people
Lumimies - Snowman
Lumiehet - Snowmen
Merimetsästäjät - Sea-Hunters
Metsästä-sija - hunter's rest, resting place or camp
Norsu - Lossandamunda or Snow-Oliphaunt
Norsu-hauta = Giant-grave
Norsu-leiri = Giant-camp
Ôsgari - spear of the God
Paha-Peto - Bad Beast
Peikko - a Snow-Beast, Troll
perhe - family
Pitkä-Hammas - Long-tooth
Pynti-Pellot - Hunting Fields
Pynti-leiri - hunting camp
riimut - lossoth runes
Riimukäsi -
Sari-surma - island of kill or death; shin killer
suku - sept
Susi - a white Wolf
susi-väki - wolf-people (Gauredain)
Tanssijat - ancestors of the Lossoth
Tûli-mäit - Wind hills
vaatimus - Claiming
Vahva-Hammas - Strong-Tooth
Vanha Isä - Thulin
vanha-väki - old-people (Elves)
Vesi-paistâ - water glimmer
viisas - Wise-one
Voi-teltta - butter-tent
Ympyrä - the order of Nature
Ystävät Talven - The Men of Forodwaith


Early ICE-publications used modified Lapp and Inuit vacabulary as a language base for Labba, in later publications real-world Old Finnish was used instead to represent the language of the Lossoth.

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