The Lûshek-Pûst were a warlike clan of Sandmen from outside Bôzisha-Mîraz.Actually a loose collection of quasi-independent clans, the Lûshek controlled a large portion of the open country north of the Rây. Their influence Was still felt along the southern stretches of the long Harad Road. They wore open-faced iron helmets and leather lamellar breastplates. Their long two-piece tan and green surcoats were adorbed with small inlays representing their victories or achievements (i.e. they "wore their histories"). Their grey and tan, leather-faced target shields were fined with large onion-shaped bosses. These warriors used green banners and scarves to denote their loose allegiance.They were often mistaken for the Qarsag, for both tribes territories were close to each other, but the Lûshek usually only raided the northern Rây while the Qarsag foraged far into southern and central Bellakar.The Lûshek's Chieftain was traditionally adressed as "the Pûst" and was a merciless patriarch.

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