Lurs Vorganís

Covering much of the northeastern part of Middle-Earth's East-plain, Lûrs Vorganís (Tyr."Land of those who survived the Abyss") was the homeland of the Vorgani, a Tyran-speaking tribal confederation renowned for their ability to exploit and slaughter vast numbers of large game. Huge herds of grazing beasts lived throughout the region.

Foe a period of time Lûrs Vorganís had beeen part of the eastern realm of Fimardi and under the protection of the Wizard Morinehtar.

Places of Note:

Abandoned Tower City of Jardan Keep of D'mallo Shadow Hall


Sun Road Vorganím Plains Zorian Wastes


D'mallo Karyn Jardan Lucio Set


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
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