Lúthien (S."Daughter of Flowers" or "Enchanting One") was the most beautiful of all the Children of Iluvatar, and while wearing the Nauglamir was considered the most entrancing sight outside of Valinor. Her powers were such to match her beauty, for she was the daughter of the Maia Melian and the Elven High-king Thingol. (Thingol was also called Elwë, one of the original Elves who, with his brother Olwë, led the Teleri out of Cuivienen.) Under the tutelage of her Ainu mother, Luthien mastered the art of song as no other in Middle-earth before her or since. Luthien fell in love with the mortal Beren, against the wishes of her father. Thingol sent Beren on a mission to prove himself worthy of Luthien: to steal a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth and return with it to Doriath. Only by the power of Luthien was this possible, for she sang a song so beautiful as to enthrall Sauron and the Black Enemy himself. She and her beloved cut a Jewel from the Crown and escaped. As they fled, however, Morgoth's Fell-wolf, Carcharoth, attacked Beren and bit off the hand that bore the Silmaril. Beren and Luthien made it to Doriath, despite Beren's wound, and they were married. Unfortunately, Beren was later killed when he tried to hunt down the Wolf Carcharoth and recover the Jewel. Luthien was so bereaved that she died of anguish. Her spirit passed westward to the Halls of Mandos. Upon reaching the doors of the Halls, she sang to Namo (the Vala who held the Doom of all the children of Iluvatar) and so moved him that he granted Beren and her another life together — an act of surpassing compassion which has yet to be repeated. Thus, Luthien Tinuviel and Beren were reunited, on the isle of Tol Galen where they lived out their mortal lives in bliss.


Luthien was tall (6'6") and fair-skinned with hair dark as shadow, and possessed clear blue- grey eyes. She was without question the most beautiful and graceful woman ever born in Middle-earth. An unsurpassed singer and dancer, she favored flowing gowns of gossamer pastels.

Luthien's Principal Items:


  • Lhûthien
  • Melilot
  • Tinúviel
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