Lúrz (Or. "Exalted" or "Chosen") was a captain of Saruman´s Uruks.He along with Uglúk was the leader of the Warband that attacked the Fellowship of the Ring at Nen Hithoel. He was the Champion and prototype of Saruman´s perfected Uruk-Hai or Dur-edain.


  • Lurz's bow - heavy Uruk Longbow/Composite Bow
  • Lurz's shield - Shield of Orthanc
  • Lurz's Sword - Uruk Hanksar
  • Orc-mail - light Scout-mail Leather Armor


Original form = "Lurtz", corrected to "Lurz" here to adjust it better to the conventions of orcish spelling.


  • Games Workshop - The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game
  • the lord of the Rings trading Card Game
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