A Lú Tyr woman

The Lú Tyr (Tyr."Free Tyr") were a group of Tyran-speaking nomads from the plains of Lú Tyr Sû.

Society and culture:

The Lú Tyr were relatively tall by Easterling standards. Women typically measured 1.70 m and men a little more, however, they were often notably slender and of rather fair complexion. Being descendants of the Tyr, they were also related with the house of Hador of the Edain of the First Age. Their eyes were usually of a milky blue, and their hair light-colored . Women tended to be exceptionally beautiful and very valuable as slaves between the Urdar and the corrupt Oasis-Kings in the south.

There were no permanent settlements among the Lú Tyr. While women performed tasks of livestock (especially breeding reindeer and sheep), men tended to be skilled hunters. They persisted through trade of goods made by hand from sheep wool and tapestries painted with tribal symbols, as well as utensils and crafts made from reindeer and goat horn.

The Lú Tyr were excellent hosts with foreigners. Travelers told they were skilled storytellers, and had invited them to their fires and rituals where laughter, dancing and food were abound. Their pantheon was a Triad of elements of nature: Smoke, Mist and Wind; and they payed tribute to them through their dances and songs.


They were not a warlike people, however, when it came to defend themselves, hunters used their bows and especially their fierce sheepdogs.

Later times:

Some of the Lu Tyr were integrated into the Hazga Realm at the mouths of the Kól River, along with their ​​Desdursy, Langur and Dyrian cousins.

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