The Lôkhas

In S.A. 347 Wôma Drâl, Hion of the Sûrk (a tribe of the Wômaw) brought his great fleet to Cleâc, on the southeastern coast of Middle-Earth. He was in search of new and fertile territory for his tired horde of Vûlmaw warriors. The residents of the area at that time called themselves the "Lakhab" (lit. "Coast folk"), and lived in modest communities situated by the rocky promontories where their warlords erected citadels of earth and rude stonework. An armed landing by a Sûrk battle-group set the tone for subsequent relations between the two peoples. And so, the Cunâci-âc-Âlkbroda' (L. "Battle of Hillholds") decided who would be master of the fertile lands west of the Ams Breakhna' (L. "River of Great Memories"). Wôma Drâl was given the Lâth of Hionvor on the first day of S.A. 348 (the first year of the Lôkhans Second Age). His reign initiated a new period in the history of southeastern Endor; for the first time, an organized, centralized society embarked on a campaign of conquest. Wôma Drâl began to carefully shape the nature of his new Lôkhas (L. "Never-ending Glen") from the very outset. Using a modest set of laws which had been brought from his homeland of Ûon on Vûlm Shryac, he fashioned a state based on the eight traditional kindreds of the Vulmaw. Four pairings of tribal moieties were settled in distinct geographical districts: (1) in Halôkha, the Shôm and Vaelîc, both Sûrk, settled; (2) the Tawûrk, Wôm and Runâs, lived in the western Haen of Rualôkha; (3) the Móak, including the Nivîs and Khôrn, held Diolôcha; and (4) the Narig, composed of the Krawn and Ûonîs tribes, held sway along the Breakhna in Maralôkha.


Wôma Drâl


Ams Breakhna Diolôkha Halôkha Maralôkha Rualôkha

Places of Note

Âlk Breakhna Âlk Lâth Âlkbrod Brôd Lôkha Cleâc Hothac Smew Min Tawûrk Olyas Rûnâsac Shômâlk Sûrk Bu


  • Original forms in MERP: Locha, Lóchas Drûs


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
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