The Lôkhans or Lôkhaw (Wm."Glen-People") were a coastal people on the eastern shores of Middle-Earth.They were descendants of the Wômaw (or of the Vûlmaw, originally Sûrk, a people largely assimilated by the original Wômaw, and allied tribes) but heavily influenced and intermixed with the Brâric peoples of Lôkhas Drûs, the Lakhab.The Lôkhans were divided into eight tribes or kindreds, the Shôm and Vaelîc of Halokha (descendants of the Sûrk), the Tawûrk and Runâs of Rualokha (descendants of the Wôm), the Nivîs and Khôrn of Diolôkha (descendants of the Móak), and the Krawn and Ûonîs of Maralokha (descendants of the Narig).

Lôkhans of renown:

Demîk Drâl Vrâk Tanûk


The Lôkhan language, made up the the ICE Authors, was spoken mainly in the Southeast of Middle-Earth and is loosely based on Eastern Amerind vocabulary.

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