Outer Lórien and Parth Celebrant

Arlórien, also named Lorriw (S. "Golden Hem"),

ranged westward to where the river Silverlode (S. "Celebrant") joined the Anduin. The Râd Angálaladh ran through this area to Lórien, and was once a well-used Elven way that brought a lighter load with every westward step. With the closing of the Golden Wood, however, few journey beyond the Great River.

After F.A. I, Arlórien comprised the western portion of a new Elven realm founded by Celeborn. Called East Lórien (S. "Rhúlórien"), the region included Thorlórien and all of Greenwood below the Narrows.


Original forms: Thorlorien = Arlorien Lorrena = Lorriw

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