Kýkurian tribal war-banner

The Kykuria (also known as Kykurians or Kykuriags) were the inhabitants of the Kykurian Kyn. Though they were believed to be largely descendants of the Ioriags and Tyr-Nomads the Kykuria were noted for their exeptionally fair hair and skin, being golden-haired and blue-eyed like a Northron not beeing rare among their kind. This had led some scholars to suggest ancient ties to the Lintanoi, especially the branch that produced the House of Hador. The Kykurian Pultai-Dynasty later evolved into the Balchoth.

In the late Third Age the descendants of the tribesmen of Lotan and Kykurian Kyn had been pressed into the Khundolar and Jangovar confederations

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