Avar Elves dealing with Men of the East

The Kwindi were an Avari tribe believed to be the ancestors of the Kindi, Kinn-Lai and Cuind. They might actually be identified with the Avari of Ralian and southern Cuivienen. One of their tribes, the Awartasi, inhabited the forests of Ibav.

Detailed description


The Kwindi were a relatively primitive Cave-Culture who settled in small communities within valleys or along Hillsides.Metalwork originally had been largely alien to them as had been buildings made of stone until they made ties to the Stonefoot-Dwarves and befriended them after which they became respectable smiths and masons.


The Kwindi were small by elvish standard, sometimes barely reaching 5'7". They had pale, ivory or silvery, or ruddy skin, although more swart or dark hued complexions were not uncommon, and mostly dark brown or black hair and black or brown eyes.


The Kwindi were the descendants of Kwendi from Cuivienen who had wandered southwards into the Wild Woods until they reached the Inner Seas, there they remained until the first men arrived and most of then joined the host of Tareg and moved westwards, but some of them remained in the Eastlands where retreated from men into the Hills or underground.


The Kwindi spoke an Avarin dialect called Kwindya.

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