Kuduk Lore was a legendary book believed to have been compiled in the late Third or early Fourth Age by unknown Authors. It was said to have been a collection of scholarly glosses and citations from much older, mostly lost, works of various origin.

Beregond of Tuckborough, a Hobbit-scholar of the Fourth Age, published an edition he dubbed "Kuduk-lore or the big book of the little folk", in which he added a speculative history on the origin of the Hobbits and possible "lost kindreds in the South and East" in which he mentioned the Peryoasa, Woodchildren, Hulbudlan and Iloiset Lapset as well as the Fokirio, Fairheads, Gendhari, Nimblefingers, Piram and Tanâi of Easterling and Haradron Myth.

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