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Councillor Kratti was a powerful politician and diplomat for the forces of Kôronânde. Having served in the Senate for many years, Kratti sought other challenges that were more fulfilling than just politics. The son of a noble, Kratti set out on an adventure that brought him before Klaen. Klaen listened to his tale and offered council--he listened to the concerns that Kratti had about his country and how the Senator had to deal with the mental toll of the politics surrounding his country. Kratti wished to eliminate such petty squabble by aiding in a more physical and common manner--this was strange and humble for Klaen to hear, seeing Kratti as a powerful being--Klaen took the noble and introduced him to Moran and his companions. With the perils of the Ardorian council being realized, Kratti agreed to fight alongside Moran and his companions in hopes to purge the Utter South of all evil taint that was brought about by the Ardor Council.

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