The Kraiarn (Orc."Iron-Claw") were one of the most powerful Orc and Troll tribal-confederations of Angmar, during the Time of the War of the Ring.Led by their Chieftain Lagmâs and his Uruk-Elite, they hailed from Carn-Dûm and held Eastern Malenhad, Urugarth, Mor Maudhúl, Nan Gurth and Helegrod in the Misty Mountains and supported the Ongbúrz tribe in holding Gramsfoot, Grimwood, Hithlad, Isendeep, Arador's End and Coldfells in the Ettenmoors.They also were leading the Attacks on Rhunendin and Aughaire and even venturede well out to Tham Mírdain in Eregion.



Original form in LOTRO:Krahjarn

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