Sea-Kral in Combat

The Krai or Sea-Krals were a primitive people and culture of the Inner Seas.A possibly related Race, the Wood-dwelling Garks inhabited the Forests of the northeastern Lands of Tanara.

They had dark grey or blue skin and a pelt of thick, white hair growing on the head, neck, and shoulders. Females possessed an additional thicket that grew down the bony spine of their backs. Both genders had long arms and an extra bone connecting the wrist to the hand. Long, dexterous fingers capped by a claw–like nail aided them in becoming accomplished craftsmen and bowmen. They built longships in which to plied the seas, raiding and plundering other vessels as pirates. Leather armor and curved swords were their usual battle garb. Their boats served as their only home in spite of the fact that most could not swim. Sea–Krals feared the hungry waves, but derived too much pleasure from their violent way of life to abandon the ocean. Nocturnal,they slept by day. Average lifespan was 55 years.

In Rolemaster

In Rolemaster the Krals are described as semi-human or ape–like creatures.Both, the Krals and their close kin the Garks are considered two distinct subraces of the Karku, a race believed to be related to both Men and Trolls.The Krals resemble the Garks but they are taller and more intelligent.There were two different subraces of Krals, Sea-Krals and Ice-Krals.


If a Gamemaster wants to adapt the Vog Mur Book of Loremaster to a Middle-Earth Setting, it would be appropriate to consider the Sea-Krals either a primitive human-Culture or Sea-Orcs or Half-Trolls,maybe the Sea-Trolls mentioned by some other non-canon sources (the Hall of Fire Magazine) since a civilized Ape-culture is highly unlikely to fit into Middle-Earth.They could be a sub-group of man which had escaped Morgoth's experiments, similar to the Drúedain.



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