Krabanak was the Supreme Leader of Mount Gram.

He was one of Sauron's most trusted Generals and a staunch ally against the Dwarves of the Misty Mountains. He began his alliance with Sauron in the Second Age and he answered the call to arms against the Northmen and Entwives when Sauron called upon him.

He had a son named Grarfim and his son sired the famous Goblin known as Golfimbul. Krabanak's spouse was an orcwife named Krahim, who died near Rivendell.

His Son Grarfim followed his father, travelling to the Gardens of the Entwives, where he witnessed his father die. Seeing that his forces were successful in burning down the Gardens, Grarfim led the remainder of his troops into the Iron Mountains, as word had spread that an alliance of Elf, Man, and Dwarf was marching down towards Mordor.

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