Krûsnak, like the Urzahil, was a Black Númenorean: one of the High Edain turned to evil by Sauron long ago on that lost isle. Although not truly an 'immortal' like the Ringwraiths, Krûsnak was able, through his arts, to prolong his life.

Krusnak's Principal Items:_

  • Robes — ("Cloak of the Heavens") Black robes of some

enchanted material which seem to absorb all light. Though not as powerful as the Mouth's robes, they had a unique feature, in that they displayed constellations in tiny luminous points which shifted and changeed. Anyone looking at the robes had to try to Resist suffer as Hold Kind. The 'star' effect could be cancelled at will, and the robes added to hiding at night, and defense. All Lightrelated attacks (including lightning) were weakened.

  • Sword — ("Sickle of the Heavens") mithril sickle-sword with beautiful etching and hilt.
  • Ring — Fashioned of grey silver with a single white stone, it was a ring for Astrologers, and could store as many of five spells.
  • Necklace — ("Voice of the Dark Tower") mithril and black laen amulet capable of amplifying the wearer's voice, allowing him to be heard over great distances.
  • Ring — Fashioned of black steel, it was a source of Mordo for Sorcerers, and could store as many of six spells.
  • Helm — Designed after the lordly Karma helms of the Numenorean Kings, this helm was all black, trimmed with glittering dark gems. It shielded the wearer from all mental attacks .
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