Prior to Adûnabêth's rebellion, Korb Ugarta (Har.'Burning Dwelling of the Ancients') had been the greatest Haruzani city west of Korb Taskral, but over a millennium, it had been a center of Haruzani religious activity.A holy shrine to Ladnoca and believed to have been an ancient Colruh place, originally Korb Ugarta had been a remote holy place tended by a small permanent priesthood, but grew as its religious prominence eclipsed that of the other Haruzani holy sites. After Adûnabêth accepted a Ring of Power, he became a figure of veneration and worship among some of the native peoples. Whether by chance or design, many in Korb Ugarta came to see him as an Avater of Ladnoca (a moon-goddess of the Haradrim), and as he slipped into evil, so did Korb Ugarta. The priests of the Dark Lady in Korb Ugarta perverted the sacred temple rituals and instituted regular human sacrifice, victims typically chosen from captives seized as Korb Ugarta warred with its neighbors. Korb Ugarta was destroyed by the Númenóreans following Adûnabêth's defeat as an object lesson to the Haruzani. The city's walls and buildings were leveled and their foundations destroyed. The temple complex at the center of the city was the focus of particular attention, especially the Temple of the Dark Lady. Each and every temple stone and statue was broken into fist sized-rocks by the inhabitants. Rubble from the city was used to dam a small stream, permanently flooding the city site. Only a lake and marsh remained to mark the destruction, it was still, for a time, a place of worship fot the followers of the Dark Lady.

In the power vacuum that followed the drowning Númenór, Korb Ugarta was rebuilt alongside the lake by the Haruzani, and became a powerful independent kingdom for several centuries. As the men of Umbar began to reconsolidate their former coastal dominion during latier part of the millennium, the Autarb (Har. "King") of Korb Ugarta was forced to treat with its more powerful southern neighbor, swearing friendship and allegiance the Council of Captains as his ancestors had been forced to do of old. But as the growing power of Umbar was swiftly eclipsed by that of King Siriondil I of Gondor, the Autarb shrewdly switched his allegiance in TA 75t making it possible for Tarannon to capture Mirlond and the north bank of Ethir Harnen. The most successful of Gondor's client-kings, the Autarb of Korb Ugarta willed his realm to the King of Gondor and upon his death in T.A. 821, the city and its hinterland became part of the provincial sphere of Harondor. The bright future of the city was tragically shattered, however, when a violent earthquake decimated the site a century later, lt was never rebuilt, but its ruins were often used by nomadic tribesmen.


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