The Edoras Road ran south and a little east from the ford of Snowbourne, marching upward through a barrow-field dominated by the high graves of the Kings of the Rohirrim.As the road neared the city, two rows of high barrows lined the route, lending it the feel of a great avenue.To the east, stood the newer tombs of Rohan's Second Line.Slightly worn, but no less splendid, the nine barrows of the First Line rose in a proud row west of the road.Year-round,the west face of each mound glistened with a carpet of white Evermind (S."Simbelmyne" or "Alfirin";Q."Oilosse"), enchanted wildflowers which were reputed to embrace the spirit of those buried beneath them.Their presence spoke of the strength of the Men who ruled the Riddermark.


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