The Kindi were one of the few known Avari tribes. They had  originally joined the Host of Tareg after the Battle of Palisor, but soon disbanded into small groups roaming the vast central plain of Middle-earth. These Elves were also known as the Plains-Elves or Steppe-Elves.

Detailed Description


The Kindi were a relatively primitive Hill-Culture who settled in small communities. Metalwork originally had been largely alien to them as had been buildings made of stone until they made ties to the Ironfist-Dwarves and befriended them after which they became respectable Smiths and masons. They also were renowned horse-breeders and feared warriors.


The Cuind were small by elvish standard, sometimes barely reaching 5'7". They had ruddy, swart or dark-hued skin although more pale, ivory or silvery complexion was not uncommon among them and mostly grey eyes and black or brown hair, with a few copper-haired exceptions among them.


The Kindi were the descendants of Kwindi from southeastern Palisor who had joined the Host of Tareg into the west, but on their way they separated themselves from their kin and stayed in Central Endor where they populated the Hills and Lakelands of Palisor. One of their few more organised communities was set within the forest of Linimér in Ûster Kryl. Another Kindi-Tribe came to the Ered Harmal, the Kuorind. In the mid-third Age the Elves of Linimar were strong supporters of the Wizard Romestamo.


The Kindi spoke an Avarin dialect called Kindin.

Genealogy of the Kindi


  • Some commentators have assumed that Kindi may be Arabian-influenced.
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