The Khya were a people of eastern Harad, inhabiting the dry steppes and prairies of Khy, north of the Bay of Ormal.In constrast to the reclusive hillfolk to the north and the more numerous river-valley folk to their south and east the Khya were far more warlike and a coalition of different tribes.Yet they also were quite sophisticated builders of aqueducts and spires and were the true force behind the Khyan realm, traditionaly producing the dynasty of High-kings, ruling over most of the neighbouring tribal lands as well.

While usually seen as Haradrim their language was actually of Talath origin and most closely related to KheyanTazinain and Tedyin rather than Apysaic or Harûze. As heirs of the former gondorian puppet-kingdom of Arthanor they were not under rule of Sauron until the years between the 24th and 30th century of the third age after which only a poor and mostly deserted land remained.

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