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Situated west of the Khy Gap, a broad pass in the Ered Harmal, Khy (D.S."Land of Fight" or "Place of the Fighters") (originally known as Khailûza in the Second Age) was an arid, hilly area that strided one of Endor's most important overland trade routes. It was named for a confederation of Khyan-speaking tribes.

The Pelepelplû, or "Strongflow," was the traditional capital of the region. Built on a collection of nine terraced hills, it was linked to the neighboring mountains by a collection of six multi-tiered aqueducts. The elevated waterways were paired and linked in order to increase their stability. Besides conveying water from no less than three highland streams, they acted as dual-level highways. Encircling the city, they also served as fortifications. Each was a marvel of engineering and a testimony to the High-kings who had commissioned their construction. The six monarchs - Ganashôshyn, Shôbûragan, Ganakhyn, Ganshô, Tasagana, and Ganagan (in chronological order) - were all buried in towering tombs astride their respective aqueducts. Their monuments comprised six of the eighteen "Spires of Strongflow" (Ch. "Pit-apo-Pelepelplû").

Places of Note

Khy Passes Miyore Nevazar's Tomb Pelepelplû Samarth Telnokakhyn Xyunia


Original form in MERP: Chy