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The Kheyans were a branch of the Easterlings, native to Khey Sârt and nearby lands.They were largely semi-nomadic pastoralists and adherents of a superstitious fire-cult.They spoke a language of the Talataerim family that was known as Kheyan.

Known Clans

Cheyans of renown

Alafar-Mém Arpá-Relûkha Eona Fén Fén-Iey Fyen Elyen Parnéliun-Sey Raesha Rên-Iey Sên-Iey Sên-Káy Úma-Kalkhûna



The Kheyan language, made up the the ICE Authors, was spoken mainly in Central Middle-Earth and is loosely based on Kugor and Old Persian vocabulary.

Original form in MERP: Chejan = Kheyans

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