The Khey Sârt high plateau

Khey Sârt (older Name "Northern Khailûza) was situated in the center of Middle-Earth - between the Ered Harmal to the west, the serpentine Talathrant to the north, and the Khey Rill to the east.

Although it was renowned as homeland of the Úlair Rên-Iey (the Eighth of the Nine Nazgûl), it was best known as the traditional center of Khey culture. Its most notable physical feature, the solitary volcano known as Ulk Khey Sart, was revered by all Kheyan-speaking peoples as the birthplace of their culture. Aside from the Khey Hills 200 miles to the northeast, the Black Peak was the only height interrupting the vast Sârt grasslands (which measure 600 miles from north to south and 400 miles from east to west).


Places of Renown


Artaxshâsan Bardiya Nevazhar Rên-Iey Ûthmag the Half-Troll


Kheyans Sarethi Tribes


Original form in MERP: Chey Sart

Geographically this regions seems to correspond to antique Chorasmia, Khurasan, Ariana or Media.


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